Maddison’s Feedback (Young Volunteer)

For me Westcliff Community Works activities are so fun and diverse. For example, in October I took part in the Gory Wound workshop which was so messy and fun, at first, I thought it was going to be difficult, but it turned out to be easy, I would definitely do it again as it was so fun. I also volunteered at the Halloween disco, that was incredibly fun, and the DJ/host was so funny and great to watch. The kids were so interactive, and everyone had fun. Then because I was part of the lifestyle team I got to attend the lifestyle awards – In Hull – in November which we actually ended up winning (in the youth group division) so we won £500! That was such a great experience and we were so proud of ourselves! Next I attended a workshop at the youth centre called The Rock Academy. They brought in a load of instruments including electric guitars, bass guitars, drums and even microphones. It offered a great opportunity for people to start learning instruments. That was a great and fun experience and I had a great time playing the guitar. Then I volunteered for the Christmas disco which actually had the theme of a Masquerade Ball. This one also had a really fun DJ/host. It had a couple surprise guests. The first one was Belle from Beauty and The Beast! She was very sweet and beautiful. She even sang a couple of songs and let people take pictures with her. The next guest just happened to be Father Christmas himself! The kids really enjoyed the guests especially when they got to take a picture with Father Christmas, and he even gave them a present after. All the volunteers including me got pictures as well. Overall I would say the range and diversity of the workshops is amazing and I loved going to them all! It gives me something to do other than sleep.

Parent Feedback

My son has attended activities run by Westcliff Community Works for the last 7 years. The last year he has attended the youth club and participated in various activities with them. The youth club has enabled him to make new friends and make him more confident. His favourite activity was a trip to Wild Pines Activity Centre in Market Rasen. He surprised himself at just how much he could achieve with the help and encouragement from all the staff at Westcliff Community Works.

My other daughter has now started at the youth club and looks forward to it every week.

Westcliff Community Works and their youth sessions is a valuable contribution to the estate and the community would not be the same without it.