Welcome to the Westcliff Community Works

Westcliff Drop-In Centre was established in 1987 and became a registered charity in 1997.  The main focus of the Centre was to work as an independent, community project responding to the needs of the residents of the Westcliff housing estate and surrounding areas.  In 2011 the Drop-In incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. The Board comprises of 8 local residents and 2 associate members.

In May 2018 we moved from our centre, which was earmarked for demolition, into a new community building and changed our name to Westcliff Community Works.

Westcliff Community Works (WCW) is a community anchor organisation “our vision” is for a thriving, united, joyful community filled with inspiration; where all residents have the opportunities and confidence to prosper and lead happy and healthy lives.

To make our vision a reality “our mission” is to:

  • Give people information, choices and practical support
  • Deliver innovative and effective services that people want
  • Build social capital by empowering people to seek and secure opportunities
  • Work in partnership with public and voluntary organisation to build a stronger community
  • Maximise the power of volunteering to change lives
  • Create a united community that looks out for each other
  • Develop the organisational capacity and capability to deliver our purpose

Our Values

  • Respect – we believe that all people should be treated with consideration and dignity.
  • Caring – we are committed the serving with empathy and compassion.
  • Integrity – we will act in an ethical, open and honest manner at all times.
  • Teamwork – we work hard together and are proud of our community.

WCW is committed to providing and promoting a quality provision that serves the needs of the local community; based on and responding to identified needs and in consultation with the local community.

At present we have two main Projects – Ways to Wellness and BeApt.

The Ways to Wellness Project has emerged from our previous Big Lottery funded project which focussed on getting people in to employment and family learning activities.

As a result of consultation with the community it was identified that people on Westcliff estate experience significantly higher incidence of ill-health leading to life-limiting mental and/or physical health conditions. Ways to Wellness seeks to address these inequalities; identifying and building on the collective and individual strengths of local people.

The differences this project aims to make are:

  • People will have improved mental health and well-being
  • Increased social interaction between people and groups on the Westcliff estate
  • Increased participation in volunteering leading to local people having increased self-confidence and able to make healthier lifestyle choices and promote healthy living to others

BeApt is our children and young people’s project funded by Children in Need

This project provides a range of enabling and community development opportunities to create a positive and inspirational environment for children and young people to build their skills and confidence.

The activities and initiatives developed in consultation with young people provide both safe and accessible opportunities for citizenship development and meaningful engagement. These include:

  • Regular positive social and leisure activities which may include environmental projects, outdoor fun, arts & crafts, music & drama, digital media and team-building challenges
  • Carrying out research including field trips to explore community projects in other areas which are led by children and young people to learn from their experiences, broaden their horizons and raise aspirations
  • Developing leadership and planning skills to organise peer-led events and activities which will include budgeting, marketing and evaluation of achievements

To achieve our vision, we organise a range of projects and activities to get involved in:

Our Current Projects and Activities

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